How to make a report

How to Make a Report

The best way to make a report is to simply go to the form by clicking here and submitting it to us electronically via the website.  If you need guidance you can phone us on 0161 629 9861 or email us at



The Report Form: Why we have it

We have this form so that the information we collect is all recorded in the same way. It helps police to analyse it more effectively and look for links, patterns and similarities to aid detection. It will also help us to build the evidence base on the levels of violence against sex workers throughout the UK.

Why is the report form so long?

The form was developed after extensive consultations with sex workers, sex work projects, specialist police analysts, senior police officers and other experts including a forensic psychologist and a specialist psychologist who specialises in rape, trauma and victim recall. It has been designed to give the very best start to investigators in helping to bring these offenders to justice and, more importantly, gather as much information as we can to give you ‘alerts’ or warnings that can help you identify potentially dangerous people and stay safe.


We know that it may be hard work getting through the form but please fill in as much as you can! Having as much information as we can helps us issue more effective alerts to help protect sex workers.

Guidance if time is limited

If you are short on time, the most important parts are as follows:

  • Time / Day / Date and where it occurred
  • Description of offender (including clothing & vehicle)
  • Short description of the event
  • Witnesses
  • Details of anything lost / stolen / abandoned at scene
  • How did the person leave?


All information given to the National Ugly Mugs  is as reported. It does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of NUM or their employees.