What happens to your reports?

NUM Alerts

We turn your report into a sanitised alert - with enough information to alert others, but not to identify you. We then post the alert to our website and email or text to other sex workers who are members of NUM.  This will warn other members of dangerous individuals and possibly save their lives.


Support from NUM for sex workers

If you want to make a full report to the police and you are not in touch with a local project we will help you.

After submitting your report, a NUM Caseworker will contact you to let you know what has been done with your report and to provide you with information about services local to you.

Our Caseworkers are available to you if you wish to talk to someone, they will provide a non-judgemental listening ear. They can refer you to appropriate support, give you information to help you decide if you wish to report to police and can assist with communication between you, the police and other services.

Our office manager is also on hand to help you with any technical difficulties you might be experiencing in accessing your account or making a report.


Data sharing with police

If and only if you give your consent we will share the information in your report ANONYMOUSLY with the Serious Crimes Analysis Section (SCAS) and a police intelligence hub.

We remove any information that might personally identify you along with any reference to parlous or establishments where the incident took place.  This will help bring to justice criminal and violent individuals who target sex workers.

In the event that SCAS links a NUM Report to other crimes, or considers the report should be investigated by the police, SCAS will encourage the local police force to contact the NUM Team.

If this happens we WILL NOT pass on your personal information without your consent. We will contact you to inform you of the situation and ask if you want to take it further.



You can choose to remain anonymous throughout your contact with us.

NUM operates a strict confidentiality policy which means we will not disclose or share information outside of the NUM team without your permission.

We follow strict guidelines of confidentiality. We can reassure you that we will always protect your interests and respect everything you say.

We would only break confidentiality if we believe you will cause harm to yourself or to someone else.