Covid-19: Resources for Sex Workers

The coronavirus pandemic has rapidly caused massive changes to life across the world, and unprecedented responses from international governments in order to slow its spread. It is not yet clear what the full consequences of the pandemic will be, but it is certain that everyone in the world will be affected by it.

The crisis will disproportionately harm marginalised groups, including sex workers. As countries adopt measures to limit freedom of movement and physical contact many sex workers are left without the means to earn money. In addition to this the stigma surrounding the sex industry and its positioning as not equal to other forms of work means that many sex workers are unable to access sick pay, benefits or other support on offer during the crisis. As part of our mission of harm reduction National Ugly Mugs will work to support sex workers through this difficult time and campaign to ensure that they are not excluded from safety and support measures.

The NUM case work team are available to provide further advice and support to sex workers on any topic.


Covid-19 Resources for Sex Workers

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Covid-19 Sex Worker Hardship Funds


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