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We are listening!


We have been asked by members if it is possible to have an email checker that works just like the number checker, we are pleased to announce that an email checker has just been added to the NUM website, available to all NUM members.

If you have an email address from a client,  you can now check to see if it is stored in the NUM database of 'ugly emails', if there has been a report made against that email you will receive a warning as shown below.*



*Please note that for legal reasons we cannot provide any more details about specific emails, but if there is a match we would advise you not to make a booking with a person using that email. Please also inform us if you find a match by calling 0161 629 9861 or emailing


How to use the email checker

It couldn't be simpler!

  1. Log in to the NUM website
  2. Click Email Checker (found on the homepage next to the number checker)
  3. Type in the email you want to check
  4. Select Submit
  5. A message will appear letting you know if there has been a match or not.

As the email checker is new, there are not so many  'ugly emails' in the database, so if there is no match this is not to say that the email and person using the email are safe.

Every time an 'ugly email' is reported to NUM it will be immediately added to the database.

If you have any questions or queries please contact us at 

The funding for the email checker comes from Manchester City Council Tackling Hidden Crime fund, as with all our work, we will be evaluating the email checker throughout the year and asking for your feedback. If you have any comments please let us know