Join us for an evening of Burlesque At Home!


NUM are delighted to have been approached by ‘Burlesque at Home’ to be the ‘cherry on the top’ for their special digital show on the 17th June 2020 at 10pm.  Their offer to generously support NUM with a donation following their show which will feature performances of burlesque artists from around the world is such fantastic news.   We very much appreciate their support and also look forward to the event which will no doubt be a show stopper!

This event is presented by ‘Tell me yours (TLM YRS)’ which aims to fight stigma through educating people to be more open about sexual activities through an anonymous app to confess, share and talk about your kinks, stories and desire.

All donations will go towards our Covid-19 emergency fund which provides much needed food and supplies to sex workers alongside our victim support and safety work.  Sex workers are being left out of state funds and struggling to pay their bills and provide food for their families. Your support will be invaluable to them.

We urge you to not only buy a ticket, dress up and get comfy for a night of outstanding entertainment from around the world but to support sex workers through NUM.

So waggle your fascinator, spin your nipple tassels, lace up your corset and splash some cash to purchase a ticket for one of the most beautiful art forms…...Burlesque!

Buy your tickets here!