05/12/2018: Tumblr Ban on Adult Content

There are few platforms these days where sex workers can advertise for free without the fear of being banned or outed. By banning all adult content, Tumblr pushes different types of sex workers out of income - right before Christmas.
Many of these people are single parents, disabled or just making a precarious living. Sex workers who have been selling their content or advertising their services on Tumblr will now have to look for other ways to attract clientele. When some part of sex work is criminalised or banned, sex workers have to rely on third parties to help them make ends meet.
To ban their content on the 17th of December, the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers, is beyond ironic. Not only is Tumblr reducing their capacity to work independently (and therefore avoid abusive working conditions), Tumblr is playing an active role in increasing the whore stigma - the reason 182 sex workers in the UK have been murdered since 1990.

Equating all adult content to sexual abuse of children and banning everything indiscriminately is simply sweeping the issue under the rug, taking the easy way out, instead of making an effort to improve the service Tumblr provides.